The Center for Neuropsychiatric Research is a newly established research center in the NHRI. It was expanded from the former Division of Mental Health and Addiction Medicine, Institute of Population Health Sciences in Aug, 2012. The main themes of research include (1)Neurological disease involving neurodegeneration. (2) Psychiatric disorders, and (3) Substance use and abuse


  1.  To conduct multidisciplinary and translational research on neuropsychiatric disorders and drug addiction,
  2.  To develop treatment strategies for major neuropsychiatric disorders and drug addiction in Taiwan, and
  3. To cultivate the next generation of young scientists in neuropsychiatric research and addiction treatment.


Recent Research Themes:

Neurodegeneration group


Using molecules or gene products with protective and regenerative properties for the treatment of neural degenerative disorders.
Psychiatric and drug addiction group Using molecular, genetic, pharmacological, epidemiological and clinical approach to study mechanism and treatment of psychiatric disorders and drug addiction.

Training office for addiction treatment professionals

Aiming to develop training materials to be the common basis for addiction treatment professionals of various backgrounds, on-the-job training courses, and fellowship opportunities which incorporate clinical and research


Last Update: 2021-09-09


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